I can’t believe how swiftly 2023 has flown by. It feels like the new year countdown was just yesterday! And now we’re here, already halfway through the year.

As I look back on the goals, well, not exactly goals, it’s more like the changes that I want to achieve. I’m proud to say that some of them, check! I have ticked them off. But others, well, I failed.
Today in this video, I want to share with you 2 things that didn’t go as planned, and 1 thing that turned out to be successful!

不敢相信 2023 年過得如此飛快,倒數跨年感覺就像昨天才發生,然後一下子就已經過一半了!回顧今年訂的目標,也不太算目標啦,比較像是希望自己做的改變,很開心有一些成功達標,但是有一些失敗了。今天這支影片,我要分享兩件失敗的事,和一件成功的事。

This is going to be an all-English video. So, you can take it as an opportunity for you to practice your listening skills.
And I have a tiny challenge for you. In this video, pay close attention to these words. Notice how I utilize them within sentences.
Don’t worry if you can’t find all of them on your first try. Feel free to replay this video, and hopefully, you will discover more and more words with each attempt.



  • I have a sense of shame. 說來慚愧(感到慚愧)
  • ultimate remedy 終極的療癒(方式)
  • increase your exposure to… 增加你接觸…(的機會)
  • keep a photo diary 保持寫照片日記的習慣
  • capture the cherished moments 捕捉珍貴的片刻
  • feel overwhelmed 覺得不知所措、喘不過氣
  • I pride myself on… 我對於…感到自豪
  • There are no shortcuts to success. 成功沒有捷徑

The first thing that didn’t go as planned was, well, I have to confess, I have a sense of shame because it was one thing I suggested you do to improve your English. Remember in my previous video, where I discussed how to create an all-English environment for yourself in Taiwan? I mentioned that you could follow some foreign pop stars, celebrities, or English news channels on your social media. By doing so, you would come across English contents while you’re on Instagram or Facebook. However, I kinda stop doing so because ever since I got Cooper. All my attention has turned to those funny animal short videos. They are like my ultimate remedy after a stressful day.

第一個沒成功的事情是,說來慚愧,因為這是我之前建議你們讓英文進步的方法。在我之前影片中,有說到如何在台灣幫自己製造一個全英文的環境 對吧?我提到鼓勵大家多追蹤一些外國歌手、名人或新聞頻道等等,這樣一來,滑手機時多多少少就會接觸到那些全英文內容。但是呢,我最近有點懶散了,因為自從養了Cooper後,看些可愛狗狗的影片就變成我工作休息時最大的放空方式!

I do have a sense of shame because I failed to do the thing I told you to do.

But regardless of what I did not do, I still strongly recommend this approach as a way to increase your exposure to English reading materials.


The second thing that I failed to do was keep a photo diary. Who doesn’t want to keep those wonderful moments forever? I’ve always wanted to make a photo diary book for each year, featuring some best photos with journals that capture the cherished moments. Since I know it’s quite time-consuming, I actually had a strategy, which was to tackle only a small portion at a time, so that by the end of the year, I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed dealing with hundreds of photos. I expected myself to organize the photos from each month and document the memories.


However, seven months have passed, and my phone is still overflowing with a great amount of miscellaneous photos. I’m so bad at keeping up with it. So, if you guys have any tips on how to maintain a photo diary, please, I need your help. I need some tips!





Okay, end with the failure, now move on to the success!
2023, I pride myself on being committed to exercising regularly.
I managed to make time to go to the gym twice a week and to play tennis at least once a week. I have definitely noticed some changes in my physique through weight training. And in tennis, I started from level zero to now being able to compete in a game. Both of them have given me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.



From these two experiences, I realized that practicing English is very similar to weight training and playing tennis. Now, let me tell you. The process of weightlifting is painful. It is so hard! But we fall in love with it because we see the improvement of our ​​physical changes.

Similarly, when playing tennis, practicing basic moves can be tedious and filled with frustration, but only by mastering these fundamentals can we perform even more challenging moves or even play in a game.


Isn’t it just like practicing English? There are no shortcuts to success. Practicing English is never easy, but we’re all looking forward to the better versions of ourselves through practice, aren’t we?

There’s still one more week before July ends. Do you still remember what your resolutions are for this year? What will you do to make yourself a little closer to your goals? I’m Catherine, and I will see you guys in the next video.